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spooky halloween room with treetopia cute ghost Balloon Mosaic

SPOOKY Halloween Room with Treetopia

Guys!!! I NEVER thought I would be putting a yellow Christmas tree up for Halloween!! But here I am and I LOVE it. I teamed up with Treetopia and some other fabulous bloggers to bring together my version of a Scary room. When I was thinking up the idea, I couldn't help but include pink. 

My daughter LOVES cartoon villains, but not anything really scary, so I couldn't go too dark. I thought it would be so cute to have a movie night watching fun Halloween movies. I got my Yellow Prelit Christmas tree from Treetopia and decided my color scheme from there. Have you seen the huge variety of COLORFUL Christmas trees they have??? If not, you need to go check them out (colorful Christmas trees)! I wanted something impactful but simple and decided to do an ombré cascade of bats from hot pink to orange. I love how it looks like they're all flying together up the tree. 

Spooky Halloween Room with TreeTopia - Scary Room Series

Spooky Halloween Room with TreeTopia - ombré bats on yellow halloween tree

I definitely had to include balloons for this movie night, and ghosts were the perfect choice. I reduced the scale of my Popsicle Balloon Mosaic template to 55% and converted it to look like Ghosts! How cute are they?! I also reduced my letter templates to 35% to make simple foamboard letters I painted and spell SPOOKY above her bed. 

Spooky Halloween Room with TreeTopia Close up of ombré bats on yellow halloween tree

Don't think I'm not sharing some extra fun with you all! Treetopia is doing a GIVEAWAY where you can win this beautiful tree. To enter, make sure to comment below and follow Treetopia on Instagram. I'll announce the winner on October 5th. Make sure to visit Treetopia and go on the Scavenger hunt of their Scary Room Series :-)

 *This post is sponsored but opinions are 100% my own

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Diane J. Novak - September 27, 2019

What a perfect tree for this bedroom. You have themed this tree amazingly! Congrats to you!

Bevo - September 27, 2019

Great color scheme-so different!

Lisa - September 26, 2019

I wouldn’t have thought to use pink to decorate for Halloween, but it as you have shown, it can work. I like the tree with the cascade of bats from orange to pink to purple. Some fun ideas in your pictures.

Lisa Quinn - September 26, 2019

Love all these trees, so beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Lori H Carey - September 26, 2019

That yellow tree would make the perfect sports theme tree for someone who loves Michigan football (or the Packers, or the Rams). So cool, and I love the ghosts on the wall too!

Carli - September 26, 2019

Darling room love the colors!

Mandy - September 26, 2019

This is just adorable!!!

Marquita - September 26, 2019

Loving this look! It’s also perfect for a kids Halloween party. Spooktacular ☺️

Barbara Pacific - September 26, 2019

So cute!!! Love this idea. However I am confused, is this also a give away or is it Treetopia’s giveaway.

April - September 25, 2019

I love that this is spooky without the dark colors. Awesome.

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