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I'm a Barbie a Barbie box!

I'm a Barbie a Barbie box!

This DIY has probably been the most requested project I've ever had. I made this Barbie inspired box a couple years ago and was able to remake it this time so you can DIY it! I often have a difficult time translating projects I do into DIYs. I usually figure them out as I go, so I forget to capture every step. Since I usually work at a large scale, remaking them takes some time and SPACE, but I'm SO HAPPY I had the opportunity to remake this box!

Barbie Box DIYBarbie Box DIY for girl

I always envision this box in so many variations that are not Barbie. This Halloween, I'm attempting to make this into a Trick-or-Treat box. Kids can step into it and take a picture in their costume and have a cool memory of themselves as an "action figure". 

I made the box in 2 sizes. One is perfect for older girls (6-10ish) and the other is great for smaller girls (2-5ish), it really depends on height. 

Small and Large Barbie Box DIY







  1. Using the cut sheet, cut out all your pieces out of the foamboard.
  2. Glue one side piece to the back of the box. For support, glue one of the top/bottom piece after the side piece.Barbie Box DIY DetailBarbie Box DIY Detail
  3. Take your second side piece and glue it to the back piece, followed by the second bottom/top piece. Barbie Box DIY Detail
  4. Once you have all 4 pieces glued together, take your box and spray paint it on the inside and outside. Let it dry. Take your front piece of the box and spray paint the front. let it dry. 
  5. When your box is dry, pour your paint into a paint tray and with the small roller, start painting the inside of your box. Barbie Box DIY Detail
  6. You'll probably need 2 coats of paint to cover the inside of the box. You could use only the spray paint to cover your box. However, it will most likely be shiny and be reflective in pictures. 
  7. Once the inside of your box is dry, glue the front piece to the rest of the box. Now, you can paint the entire outside of the box. 
  8. Take your 20x30" thinner foamboard and cut it vertically into 2 pieces (10x30" each) Spray paint one of the pieces. Once it's dry, paint it with the pink paint. Set it aside. 
  9. While your box is drying, download the Barbie name template (LARGE or SMALL), print, cut and tape together. 
  10. Trace your BARBIE letters onto the white foamboard piece. Using your Xacto, cut out your letters. Lay your letters on the pink foamboard, about 1/4" apart. Glue them down to the pink foamboard. Using your xacto, cut around all your letters leaving about 1/4"-1/2" of the pink showing as a border. Take the sign and glue to the front of your box.

Barbie Box DIY Barbie Name Template

You're done!!! Now you just need to decide what kind of Barbie you're going to be! 

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Sherri - October 26, 2021

Thank you so much for posting this. Your instructions, pictures and guidance were so helpful for building a Barbie box and the letter template was super helpful as well. Thank you Thank you. :)

Deleace Jones - October 26, 2021

Where can I get the foam locally ?

Kim Somers - October 7, 2019

My question is why do you spray paint first and then paint with a roller? Why not roll on two coats of paint?
Thanks for your help and sharing all the wonderful balloon mosaics and inspiring projects. Keep up the great creativity 😍

Brenda J. Provost - October 7, 2019

This is so very awesome thank you for always sharing and being available. Be blessed.

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