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✨ NEW PRODUCT: SVG Files for Jumbo Balloons! 🎈
Hip Hop Hooray

Hip Hop Hooray

So let's talk about this partyyyyyy.. I love Easter! It's usually around my birthday, so growing up, I had a few Easter themed birthday parties. The pastel colors, the flowers, all the spring decor, it's just so pretty and fresh! However, I really wanted a modern and fresh twist on Easter. I went shopping at my friend's boutique Nicks and May for other party goods and came across this Pastel neon line that I fell in LOVE with! Immediately I knew I needed this collection, and a light bulb went off! The colors were not too far off of spring/Easter but still not traditional decor colors. It was PERFECT!

The edges are trimmed in gold, so I knew it was the go to color for the accents. Hip Hop Hooray is a coined term I've seen used in the past for more Modern Easter decor and it reminded me of the 90's hip hop song along with the neon colors used in that era.I designed a peep inspired silhouette and a Hip Hop Logo and used them in the different areas. I applied peeps to the cups, straws, and chairs. The hip hop logo was perfect for the plates. I had the gold glittered utensils but would probably now add peeps to them if I could redo it. Made a peep banner, and of course, the Bunny Peep BALLOON MOSAIC™. I mean, seriously, I'm obsessed with those! After the unicorn party, I just can't stop! You can make all these vinyls and cut outs with your cricut or purchase them on the shop as of tomorrow! :-)

 What I love most about the vinyls is that you can apply them to ANY paper partyware and change the look immediately. This way, you're not tied down to whatever color scheme is out there pre-designed for easter.  

The centerpieces were originally white square ceramic cubes. I painted them with acrylic craft paint and added the gold vinyl for the color block look.  Then I spray painted cheap plastic easter eggs in gold and it totally changed the look! 

Now, those yummy goodies on the table? Yea, I didn't cook a single thing. Nope, I'm not the cook in the family...that's for sure! Leave me to the pretty stuff!


The mini pancakes were store bought, heated up and then topped with cut fresh strawberries and syrup. the muffins,! I cut peeps on the cricut and added them to toothpicks to insert into the food for decor. 

Those little carrots in the pots? Well I have been wanting to do those for years!!! I've always seen them on Pinterest and never had a chance to do them until now. They're easy to make but here are a few tips:


What you'll need:

Mini Carrots

Parsley or basil



Mini clay pots (these were 2")

squeeze bottle (recommended, not necessary)


They're pretty self explanatory to make but I found that scooping the hummus straight into the pot was a bit messy, so a squeeze bottle would make it easier. Only fill them 3/4 of the way. Once you insert the carrots, the humus will fill in the rest. I also used a toothpick to make the little holes at the top of the carrots to insert the basil..way easier!

Hope this gave you some inspiration to create a beautiful brunch set up! xoxo

(Originally Posted on 2017-04-04)

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