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DIY Oversized Balloon Mistletoe

DIY Oversized Balloon Mistletoe

This idea came about from my love for all things over-sized! As I always do, before jumping into any project, I searched on the internet and didn't find anything like what I had in mind. This would be the perfect decor for a Holiday party photo backdrop!

DIY Oversized Balloon Mistletoe




  1. Insert the lime green 160 balloons into the 5" balloons using the distortion technique. 
  2. Attach 160 balloons to 5 of the distorted 5" balloons at different lengths.DIY Oversized Balloon Mistletoe Close up
  3. Using glue dots, attach the other distorted 5" green balloons to the long balloons. This will be an organic process and should be based of personal style. 
  4. Once all the green balloons have been attached, tie them together using a remnant piece of long balloon.
  5. Blow up the white balloons very small and tie. Attach them using glue dots to different parts of the green balloons. 
  6. Finish off the over-sized mistletoe with a red bow! 

DIY Oversized Balloon Mistletoe DIY Oversized Balloon Mistletoe

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Regina Beatty - November 1, 2021

I seriously can’t get over how talented you are! I love all your designs! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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