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✨ NEW PRODUCT: SVG Files for Jumbo Balloons! 🎈
DIY Balloon Christmas Tree

DIY Balloon Christmas Tree

‘Tis the Season... for a Balloon Tree! I made one two years ago and since then, have learned soooo many more techniques! ANNDDD a way easier way to make one! 

By the way, such a fun addition to my kids room for Christmas!!

DIY Balloon Christmas Tree


- Balloon Inflator

- Balloon Hand Pump 

- Scissors

- Glue Dots

- Low Temp Glue gun 


- (41) 11” Balloons for tree (1 balloon for tree topper and 5 balloons to add to the bottom row)

- (110) 5” Balloons (10 balloons for top 2 rows of tree and approximately 100 balloons for filling in entire tree)

- (5) 260q long balloons (optional for garland)

- Floor Lamp


1. Take the floor lamp, cut the cord out. Determine the height desired and assemble the lamp, minus the bulb mechanism and shade. 

2. Using the Balloon Inflator, blow up 5 of the 11” balloons. Inflate them as big as you can WITHOUT risking popping. This will become the first layer of the tree. 

3. Tie two balloons together and then tie three balloons together. 

DIY Balloon Christmas Tree
DIY Balloon Christmas Tree

4. Twist the Balloon sets around the pole to secure them. 

DIY Balloon Christmas Tree

5. Repeat this process over and over until the entire pole is covered. Before inflating all the balloons for the next layer, ensure the first balloon of that layer is slightly smaller than the layer before. Measure all the other balloons for that layer against the first balloon to make sure the balloons are all uniform in each individual layer. 

DIY Balloon Christmas Tree

6. For the top 2 layers, I used the 5” balloons to make sure the tree tapered off correctly. Once all the layers are completed, inflate and attach a single 11” Balloon to the top. Tie it to the top layer of balloons to secure it. You could also attach a foil star balloon for a different look!

DIY Balloon Christmas Tree

7. Now that the main structure of the tree is complete, inflate and adhere 5” balloons to the entire tree using ZOTS or glu dashes, to fill all the gaps. This will give the tree a more organic look. Another way to adhere the smaller balloons to the tree is tying together bunches of 2,3 or 4 balloons. Once the bunches are made, tie the ends of a 260q to each bunch. Using the 260q, tie the bunch in place and lace the 260 into the base of the tree. 

DIY Balloon Christmas Tree

8. For the pink garland, inflate a 260q with a hand pump. Using 4 pumps, inflate and tie the 260q balloon. Make a bubble by twisting about 1.5” inches of the balloon. Make sure to twist at least 5 times.

DIY Balloon Christmas Tree

9. Repeat this process over and over, until the entire balloon made up of bubbles. NEVER let go of the fit’s bubble or last, otherwise it will come undone. Using a glue dot or the glue gun, adhere the first and last bubble to secure the garland. 

DIY Balloon Christmas Tree



DIY Balloon Christmas Tree
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Yakko - November 24, 2020

I really really ADMIRE your art!
You are AWESOME!

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