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DIY Balloon Wreath

DIY Balloon Wreath

Balloon wreaths have been on trend for a while and for some reason, I've been hesitant to take it on. I finally jumped in and made one! The color combinations on this DIY are endless!!

DIY Balloon WreathDIY Balloon Wreath



  1. Cut the edge of the ribbon at an angle and hot glue to a starting point on the hula hoop. Wrap the ribbon tightly on the entire hula hoop, gluing it down every so often.                                                                            DIY Balloon Wreath TutorialDIY Balloon Wreath Tutorial
  2. Blow up the 5" balloons and tie them in sets of 2.       
  3. Take 2 sets of two and twist them onto each other on the hula hoop. Once they interlock and loop around each other, they will be firmly secured to the hoop. Do this until the entire hula hoop is covered in balloons.  DIY Balloon Wreath Tutorial
  4. Blow up the gold chrome balloons to a smaller size then the white balloons. tie them together into sets of 3. Using the low temperature hot glue gun, adhere them to the preferred areas on the wreath. 
  5. To make the crepe bow, cut a 20"x 15" piece of crepe paper. Cut the piece in half so there is 2- 20"x7.5" pieces. DIY Balloon Wreath Tutorial
  6. Fold each piece in half without creasing down the folded portion. Hot glue each piece closed.                  DIY Balloon Wreath Tutorial
  7. In an accordian motion, singe and hot glue each piece of crepe. Once they're dry, adhere them to each other. Make sure to overlay one on top of the other.  DIY Balloon Wreath TutorialDIY Balloon Wreath Tutorial
  8. Cut another piece of crepe and fold in half. Wrap the piece of crepe around the middle part of the bow and secure to the back with hot glue.  DIY Balloon Wreath TutorialDIY Balloon Wreath Tutorial
  9. Adhere the bow to the wreath using the glue gun. 

DIY Balloon Wreath Tutorial

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DEBRA Bozman - May 15, 2020

I think that I want to do this for my Pastor Anniversary this year it’s going to be the 62th.

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