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DIY Cardboard Gingerbread House

DIY Cardboard Gingerbread House

DIY Cardboard Gingerbread House

I've always wanted a gingerbread house village among a forest of Christmas trees. This year, I'm finally doing it and got inspired to make a life sized (kid sized, really) what I'm calling a GingerBOARD house DIY! With it's own forest of Winter White artificial Christmas trees from TREETOPIA. It's perfect for prop decor, kids to play with, and photoshoots!!

DIY Cardboard Gingerbread House

DIY Cardboard Gingerbread House detail




  1. Using the cut list plans as a guide, cut out the pieces needed out of cardboard and foamboard using the Xacto knife.
    DIY Cardboard Gingerbread House - Cut List Freebie
  2. Lay 1 of Pieces B to Piece A and glue 1 piece C to join them together. Lay the 2nd Piece B to Piece G and glue the 2nd piece C to join them together.
  3. Cut and trace the scallop template along the bottom edge of both E pieces. Once traced all along the bottom of piece E, cut out the scalloped edge.
  4. Using a pencil and scallop template, continue drawing on the scallops in a staggered pattern. Trace over the pencil lines with the white acrylic marker.
  5. With the tear drop and heart pattern, design and trace in pencil first the designs on all the walls and roof of the house. I used the only the tear drop and heart to make all the designs on the walls of the house. I free handed the designs in the scallops on the roof. Using the paint markers, go over all pencil lines. 

Assembling the Gingerbread House:

  1. Lay the back piece of the house (combined pieces G and B) on a flat surface
  2. Glue sides of the house (pieces D) to the back of the house. Glue pieces H to each corner on the outside to reinforce the corners. 
  3. Attach the front of the house in the same way, using pieces H to reinforce the corners. 
  4. Glue the 2 roof panels to the top of the house. For extra support, glue piece F to join the 2 roof panels and close the gap in between them. 
  5. For extra decor, attach the two letter I pieces to front of the house along the roof line. 

DIY Cardboard Gingerbread House


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Peta Kucas - December 10, 2020

you…Miss Lilly

Have a heart of Gold and a beautiful giving nature…Thank You soo much
Love Peta and Kelisha from Australia xxooxxoo
p.s..we love your daughter’s Butterfly wading station xx EXCELLENT

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