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Pucker up, Buttercup!!

Pucker up, Buttercup!!

By now, we all know how much I LOVE to make small things oversized! Candy has fallen victim this Valentine’s Day season. 

This project is so cute and fun because you can fill with treats and makes for a great surprise gift!! Add a lip balloon and it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day pun ❤️




*NOTE: instead of cutting out and building base out of foamboard, you can use round disposable baking pans as well and skip to step 4.

    1. Using a round item, trace a circle onto the foamboard. 
    2. Measure out 3” strips of foamboard and score (slight cut into the foamboard that doesn’t cut through all the way). Separate the scores at about 1/2” apart. 
    3. Hot glue the foamboard strip around the the edge of the foamboard circle. 
    4. Fill the base with desired treats/candy. 
    5. Take 2 sheets of tissue and stack them together. Using the round base as a guide on the tissue papers, trace around it giving about 1.5 inches extra to make a larger circle. 
    6. Cut out the circle. Lay the circles (made up of 2 sheets of tissue paper) onto the open side of the base. Begin taping down to the sides of the base. As you tape, Stretch gently to tighten out any wrinkles of the tissue paper.  Set aside. 
    7. Cut the brown cardstock paper into 3” strips. (If you’re using disposable baking pans, make the strips the width the same size as the height of the baking pans) 
    8. Using the scoring tool (optional), score the strips of paper into 1” sections. You can also fold by hand. 
    9. Once scored and folded, take 5 pieces and glue them together as pictured below to follow the accordion pattern. 
    10. Glue the strips to the sides of the base securing the cardstock paper. 
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