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2020 Christmas Home Tour

2020 Christmas Home Tour

This is my FIRST Home Tour! And of course, it had to be for CHRISTMAS!!!! I’ve always wanted to do one, so I figured this was the best time! 


For this area, I took out the year round decor into plastic containers and hauled them to my storage.

I added:

- A wreath with eucalyptus sprigs and cypress sprigs. I took the cedar sprigs from this wreath and added a bow made out of cable knit ribbon.

- A wooden gingerbread Bakery sign I found at Michaels. 

- A custom made wooden tray for Goodies for Santa! (Got is made from His and Her Workshop last year). My friend, Kenia found me the cutest Rae Dunn items and I threw them in there for a final touch! 

-  On the bottom of the Entry table is a small 2 ft tree I‘ve had for years and added some twinkle lights to it. 


- Added some bottle brush trees to the coffee table tray

- Felt Christmas tree garland behind the couch on the ledge from KailoChic 

- MERRY Throw pillow for a small touch on the couch. 

Faux Gingerbread House on the side table with a bottlebrush tree

- Small 2ft tree on the floor to add some warmth

- Blanket Ladder with Stockings, Wreath, and twinkle lights.


For the village, I used 4 paper trays to elevate. I covered them with white felt and then with a snow blanket. Then I added all the ceramic houses and wooden houses I’ve collected over the years and bottlebrush trees.

In front of the village I added a 9 ft Pine Garland in an asymmetrical layout. I added the same eucalyptus and cedar sprigs like in the entry wreath. To attach the garland, I used 2 clear command hooks on each end of the tv stand. 


The Christmas tree in our home is ever changing. Every year, I change my mind about something on it. This is the MOST stressful part for me. Why? Because I LOVE the way FULL trees look but when I start doing it, I feel overwhelmed and go simple. I love the way simple looks too. As a result, I always make sure to have a beautiful full tree to start off with.

These are the steps I take to decorate my tree:

1. I always start with ribbon. I use a tuck technique where I cut pieces of ribbon (12-14”) and pinch the ends, tie with wire and then wire to the tree. I make sure to start the edges tucked inside the tree and not on the surface. 
2. Large decorative ornaments. This year, it was wooden gingerbread houses. 

3. Snowflake cookies and Felt Gingerbread ornaments 

4. Large and Medium Ornament Balls

5. I finish the tree with smallest ornament balls to use as fillers. As I’m placing and ornament balls, I always make sure to place some tucked inside the branches and some more to the surface. 


For the dining room, I wanted one LARGE piece in the middle since we have a round dining table now. Since I have the classic gingerbread look throughout, I decided to create a Snow globe. I purchased a large cloche from Potterybarn. This thing is BIG and I love it! I then enlisted my friend Love Paper Creations help, and she cut me a wooden house. I painted it and using the same technique from the Faux Gingerbread Houses. I added some fake snow and bottlebrush Trees and it came out just lovely. 

I added some Christmas trees in the corners of the dining room and I’m so happy I did. I was skeptical at first but can’t believe I haven’t done it before! On the side table, I spray painted some wooden nutcrackers and added the same garland and springs to the front. 

With all the madness of 2020, I’m really glad I went the extra mile in decorating this year for our home. The kids have especially enjoyed it and even got some decorating in their room too! 

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Peta Kucas - December 10, 2020

Miss Lilly

How crisp and clear your beautiful home is.
You give me goosebumps. Have a great festive season and wonderful New years 2021 will be amazing xxoo

Ivy Marie - December 1, 2020

I love your home decor, is simple and elegant! The wooden gingerbread house in the Christmas tree are a DIY project?

Ivy Marie - December 1, 2020

I love you decor, simple and elegant! The wooden gingerbread houses for the Christmas tree are a DIY project?

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