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Work Room Reveal!!

Work Room Reveal!!

It has been a WHILE since I last posted a project!! COVID-19 has really flipped everyone upside down! 

I typically stay home A LOT! I work from home so staying in is pretty easy for me. Recently, I had been really frustrated with my work room. It wasn't even a work room really. It was more of a storage/catch all room and there wasn't any room to actually work in there. With our online Balloon Shop growing and Balloon Mosaic Kits requiring space, it was really time to invest and attack this room with an actual plan. These BEFORE pictures make me cringe, but important to show the process!


I'm a pretty organized person, but was so stuck on design and a vision for this room. I got to work on a plan and figure out what spaces I needed. This room is a converted garage and I only have access to 3 walls in it (4th wall is where our laundry area is. First, I evaluated what worked for me. The only thing that pretty much worked in this room was my rainbow balloon wall that I've had for almost 3 years!!! That was definitely a keep, but needed to add more of the containers and shallower shelves. I went with the BILLY BOOKCASES from IKEA. 

I also knew I needed storage for all my non balloon crafting supplies and a shipping area with lots of storage and room to grow adding inventory of product. For this area, I already had the FJALKINGE shelving from IKEA and purchased tons of white containers that would stack for it. I had two of the three walls covered with shelving (craft storage and balloon wall).The shipping/product wall however, that was just not coming to mind. I just couldn't figure something out that utilized every square inch.

At this point, I decided to hire a professional organizer that could help me. We had a FaceTime call to show the space and my needs. Even though I was 75% of the way through my design, I knew a fresh set of eyes would be just what I needed. The most valuable part of this experience was seeing the organization options she suggested. The BEST one was the system for the shipping station!!! It covered every inch of the wall and gave me as much storage as possible. It's the BOAXEL SYSTEM from IKEA. It's similar to the ELFA system from the Container Store but for a lot less! The great thing was Diana (professional organizer) took care of planning the system and the installation process. Once everything had been installed, I realized I had space to get more drawers, so we added another 4 to the left side of the system. We still need a space for the large shipping boxes and they fit perfectly on the right side after adjusting some shelves. 
Once I cleared out the room and categorized everything for Diana, she came in and began putting away most of the items. I finished up once the rest of my bins and containers came in. It was a great investment to hire Diana, because she gave me a great head start. I felt much better about organizing once I had fresh eyes on the project. I have a specific workflow and once I got in my groove, designating homes for everything and labeling was quick.

Then, we had the happiest little accident!!! We had a new tabletop and 2 bookshelves leftover. I didn't want to toss them, so the hubby attached them back to back with brackets and attached the tabletop. Voila! I got a brand new table that is counter height and not killing my back!! I tossed in pink area rug and the cutest pom pom baskets from Target. It's been a few weeks since I've been working in this room and it's my favorite room in the house now! It's wayyyyy more efficient to ship out orders, work, design, sketch, and store materials. The only thing I'm missing is a comfy stool and I'm set!


- Bookcases for Balloon Wall

- Clear Balloon Containers

- Foil Balloon Grid

- Foil Balloon Grid Hooks

- Shipping Station System

- Large Containers on Craft Supply Wall

- Medium Containers on Craft Supply Wall

- Small Containers on Craft Supply Wall

- Shallow Craft Paint Containers

- Shelves for Craft Supply Wall

- Travel Laundry Basket for Balloons

- Craft Turntable Organizer (WHITE)

- Craft Turntable Organizer (BLACK)


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Dorit - November 3, 2021

Woooww החדר מהמם ממש השראה
אני כל הזמן שוברת את הראש איך לסדר את הבלונים זה ממש יפה
שאלה ??את חא הפרדת את הלינקים ואת בלוני הנקניק איך בדיוק סידרת לפי צבע לא לפי סוג הבלון? אשמח לדעת תודה רבה

Esther - December 18, 2020

LOVE everything about your space. The clear balloon containers are so nice. Where are they from?

Esther - December 18, 2020

LOVE everything about your space. The clear balloon containers are so nice. Where are they from?

Camille - October 8, 2020

This is very inspiring for my small work space 💜

Korene Tom - October 7, 2020


Octavia L Bailey - October 7, 2020

Hi where did you get your kit boxes made ? I loveeee themmm !

Octavia L Bailey - October 7, 2020

Hi where did you get your kit boxes made ? I loveeee themmm !

Shelia Henderson - October 6, 2020

Your workspace it’s not only beautiful but functional. I really like it! I’m inspired to redo my space. Thank you for sharing.

Kim Mejia - October 6, 2020

As a balloon artist/event planner/party rental/ business owner this room is everything 😍 Great Job!

Leslie - October 5, 2020

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! In love with the clear containers. Where are they from?

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