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✨ NEW PRODUCT: SVG Files for Jumbo Balloons! 🎈
✨ NEW PRODUCT: SVG Files for Jumbo Balloons! 🎈
Updated Work Room

Updated Work Room

If you’ve been following along over on Instagram for a couple of years, you know I’ve had a few variations of attempted organization in my work room. In 2020, the only great thing I had going was the rainbow balloon wall and my shelves from Ikea. With the help of an organizer, I got a little head start and finally was on my way to a functional and organized space. 

It’s been 2 years since then and there have definitely been updates and adjustments based off of how I work. 

UPDATE #1 (work table):

The best update I did to this room was creating a custom work table. We DIYed it with 4 bookshelves from Target and plywood cut to fit the cutting mat I use. Aside from that, I got a rolling cart with drawers that houses all my supplies that I use on an every day basis. This cart keeps everything organized and off of my tabletop!

UPDATE #2 (Ikea Boaxel System)

The Boaxel system that was installed originally is GREAT! However, the way it was setup was NOT working.. I added more drawers and created an overstock balloon section and shipping station with all the products of our online store at easy reach. 
UPDATE #3 (White Bins and Shelves)

This is an ever changing area because I constantly change out the materials in my crafting shelves. To keep consistency and a clean look, I made sure to keep all white bins with labels on the outside. The short utility bin dividers are very useful to store our patches

UPDATE #4 (Balloon Wall)

The balloon wall didn’t really change except for the actual inventory in the clear jars. I increased the variety of colors, and reduced the sizing and type of balloons of each color. 

Overall, the room works SOOOO GOOD! The most important thing is I always note what my natural work flow is and adapt as I go. If you’d like to see a more visual tour, there’s a video over on my Instagram. 

Happy Organizing! 


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