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Lilly's Top 10 Valentines Balloons for 2023

My TOP 10 Favorite Valentine Balloons for 2023

top 10 valentines balloons for 2023

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays for Balloons! Pink is all over balloons and well, that’s the way to my heart! I gathered a list of my TOP 10 favorite Valentine Balloons for 2023.

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#10: Printed Latex Heart Balloons 

These are a classic sidekick for Valentine’s Day. Mixed in with solids and Foils, they’re the perfect staple for any gift bouquet.

top 10 valentines balloons for 2023

#9: Love You Chocolate Foil

If it’s a sweet and it has a cute face on it… it will definitely be a favorite of mine! This one is simple and bold. (Anagram Foil)

top 10 valentines balloons for 2023

#8: Conversation Heart Foils

These bright conversation hearts are fun and I LOVE that there are different variations of them. I do wish they were lighter in color and maybe a little bigger, but they’re so cute and fun! (Anagram Foil)

top 10 valentines balloons for 2023

#7: I Love You Heart with Arrow

My favorite part about this foil is that is BIG! It’s 36” and definitely makes an impact. It’s such a classic look and pairs perfectly with any look for Valentine’s. (Kaleidoscope Foil)I Love You balloon with heart and arrow

#6: Sweet Valentine Foil

This sweet foil has been a top top favorite of mine for a couple of years. The simple Simple design of the ice cream and the pop of red with the heart is perfection. (Betallic Foil)

top 10 valentines balloons for 2023

#5: Love at First Sight Glasses

These Heart sunnies are new this year and they are fun fun fun! They have 2 beautiful pink tones and the white highlights really make them look so sparkly! (Tuftex Foil)

top 10 valentines balloons for 2023

#4: Candy Hearts Bubblegum Machine Foil

Conversation hearts, pastels, and sweets! It’s the perfect trifecta for me! I’ve loved this one since it came out last year. It’s so cute and colorful without being to whacky for my taste. And don’t even get me started on the possibility of an “I CHEWS YOU” valentine pun. (Qualatex Foil)

top 10 valentines balloons for 2023

#3: Addressed to my Sweetheart Foil

This cutie REALLY STOLE my heart! It’s simple but makes an impact! I love love the pink envelope with red printing with the hint of aqua for the stamp. It’s just so beautiful! (Qualatex Foil)

top 10 valentines balloons for 2023

#2: Heart Convo Latex Balloons

This set didn’t make it to #1 ONLY because I wish they were smaller. Since small colorful hearts have been discounted everywhere, these are the next best thing! The colors are perfect pastels and the printing is great on these. Imagine covering a wall full of them for a photoshoot??! Also, they’re an AMAZON find so the convenience is the cherry on top! 

top 10 valentines balloons for 2023

#1: Pastel Heart Foils

Ok.. now THESE are pastel heart foils! OMG.. they are soooo beautiful! They’re a standard 18” heart but the colors are just WOW! The finish almost reminds me of gum balls because it’s not satin but also not the standard foil Finish. The picture does their colors justice! I love the possibility of also turning these into conversation hearts with red or hot pink vinyl! The ONLY draw back on these is they lasted great air filled but with helium, It seemed to escape in less in than 24 hours. 

top 10 valentines balloons for 2023


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