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We're out of the Studio. Orders shall ship out 6/21
We're out of the Studio. Orders shall ship out 6/21
Super Mario Balloon inspiration!!

Super Mario Balloon inspiration!!

I was born in the 80’s… soooo I LOVED playing Super Mario growing up. Once I had kids, I couldn’t wait for them to get into it. It took a while, but it happened! Thanks to the New Super Mario movie releasing today! I HAD to come up with some fun projects that are sure to make any celebration SUPER!!!

Super Mario Balloon Inspiration - Piranha Plant made out of Balloons

The iconic Luck box is up first! How cool does it look next To the 7 foot balloon Pirahana plant?! I made mine out of Foamboard because I made it last minute and couldn’t find a plain cardboard box. Grab a box (at least 18x18”, I used 20x20”), paint it yellow (I used UNMELLOW YELLOW from Behr), and use THIS TEMPLATE to make the question mark! My suggestion would be to use white craft foam or paint it directly on the box with white acrylic paint. 

Super Mario Balloon Inspiration - Goomba diy balloons - Luck Box/ Coin Box/ Question Mark Box/ Power ups

I filled the box with organic balloon clusters to make an overspill. Then, I added all my little balloon Super Mario inspired characters. I have to say, my favorite is the little power up Mushroom! Follow the video below and the template for the goomba face to make your own. These little balloon friends are the PERFECT addition for any celebration or balloon decor piece. 



  • Goomba Face template PDF
  • 5 Character Balloon Pack or 
  • Fire Flower
    • 1- 160q red balloon
    • 1- 160q yellow balloon
    • 1- 160q lime green balloon
    • 1- 350q white balloon
  • Ice Flower
    • 1- 160q blue balloon
    • 1- 160q pale blue balloon
    • 1- 160q lime green balloon
    • 1- 350q white balloon
  • Fire Bomb
    • 1- 260q white balloon
    • 1- 260q pale blue balloon
    • 1- 160q orange balloon
    • 1- 160q pale blue balloon
    • 1- 5” black balloon
    • 2- 5” pale blue balloons
  • Goomba
    • 1- 6” mocha brown heart balloon
    • 1- 350q blush balloon
    • 1- 160q mocha brown balloon
    • 2- 5” mocha brown balloons
  • Power Up Mushroom
    • 1- 11” red balloon
    • 1- 350q blush balloon
Super Mario Fire Flower made out of balloons
Super Mario Balloon Party Inspiration - Mushroom power up made out of Balloons

Hope you have a BLAST making these projects! 💗


Introducing our Balloon Piranha Plants and Luck Box & Bricks Tutorial Bundle! In this bundle, you'll learn how to make a Balloon Piranha Plant in two different sizes and a Luck Box and Bricks party decoration made out of foamboard. 

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RONISE - April 7, 2023


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