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We're out of the Studio. Orders shall ship out 6/21
We're out of the Studio. Orders shall ship out 6/21
Swiftie Inspired Valentine Candy Cups

Swiftie Inspired Valentine Candy Cups

Candy Cups are a classic! They’ve been around for years and the possibilities are endless! With the recent Taylor Swift friendship bracelet fandom, I thought it would be perfect to incorporate them into candy cups for Valentine’s Day!  It’s a perfect way to personalize the candy cups and it’s pretty easy too.


- 16 oz. Clear Drink Cups

- Balloon Hand Pump 

- 5” Balloons

- 260 Balloons (to make flowers)

- 9” Heart Foil Balloons 

- Letter Stickers

- Round Color Stickers 

- 260 Balloons (to tie on Foil Heart Balloons) 

- Paper Shred

- Candy or Goodie filler 

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Instructions: (Quick Tutorial Video)

- Make a 5 petal balloon flower using a 260 balloon

- Inflate a 5” Balloon (do not tie yet), and insert into the cup. Release the air slowly until it sits snug in the cup. Tie the balloon.

- Insert the neck of the Balloon through the opening of the cup lid.

- Place the flower on the outside top part of the lid. Using the tail of the balloon, loop through the flower petals to secure to the top of the lid. 

- Inflate the 9” heart and tie a piece of 260 balloon to the bottom. Using the piece of 260, secure the heart to the top of the balloon flower. 

- Peel and stick all the round and letter stickers to the heart creating a friendship bracelet. 

- Fill the Cup With shred and goodies and secure the lid to the cup! 

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