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Sprinkles and Donuts

Sprinkles and Donuts

I was provided with free product, compensation, or both for this styled photo shoot. However, I only work with brands I fully support and LOVE 100%!!


So DONUTS are totally on trend right now. They have been since last year but are really hitting hard this year! I LOVE IT! Because it's the perfect inspiration for a fun and sweet party.

When I picked out and then received all these goodies from Oriental Trading, boy was I happy!! They have such cute things and a big selection for the theme. I set up 3 different areas for this shoot; The kids table, a small donut station, and a fun photo area. 


The Kids Table:


1 Donut truck centerpiece set

Donut square sprinkle plates

Donut Party Pinwheels

Donut pullback truck favors

Confetti I mixed

Wooden utensils

Yellow Napkins

Milk glasses



The little pullback truck favors are PERFECT for double use. I typed up the kids names in a Lavendar, printed cut, and slid them into the little slit that is on the donut part.  


The Donut Station:


Donut Display

Donut favor boxes

Clear scoopers

Donut Party Pinwheels

Pink Ice Cream Cups


Mini Marshmallows

Powdered Sugar


Everyone loves's like customizing your own donut! You can either eat it on the spot, or pack it in a favor box for later. 

The sprinkles for the backdrop are vinyl and I cut them on the cricut.  

I don't know what it is about awnings that are just so cute! This one requires the following:


1-32"x40" white foamcore board

1-hot pink spray paint

1-yellow spray paint 

Exacto Blade

Hot Glue Gun

Painters tape


Cut the Foamcore board to measure 40"x20". Then measure 5" from the bottom of the long side and score along that line (This will be the small dropped portion of the awning). Then cut 2 pieces that look like THIS


Once you have all 3 pieces cut, glue them together. Now, measure increments of 5" all the way across to create 8 sections that will be your stripes. Using your painters tape, tape up every other stripe all the way. Spray paint the first colors. 


After the first spray paint color is dry, remove the painters tape, and then re tape the pieces you just sprayed. Now you can spray the second color. Let it dry and peel the tape off...You're done. 


To put it up on the wall, I used rolled pieces of masking tape and it help up perfectly. That's the great thing about foamcore, it's so light!

Photo Area:


Inflatable Donuts



This photo Area is the EASIEST to make and so fun! For kid sized, I used 1 dozen of the inflatable donuts. They're about 15'' in diameter, 4 rows is about 5ft tall so it's perfect for kids.If you needed it for adults I would go with 2-3 Dozens of these to make it taller and wider. I used masking tape pieces rolled up and taped them to the wall. It held up perfectly!


 Once I was done setting up, The walls looked so white and I decided to add more of those vinyl sprinkles on the back wall. It was the perfect touch!!!




XOXO- Lilly

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