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We're out of the Studio. Orders shall ship out 6/21
Oversized DIY Balloon Frame

Oversized DIY Balloon Frame

Inspired by Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), I wanted to incorporate a giant gold frame that would represent the special place loved ones pictures on the altar. My ever trusty Foamboard and balloons came through!

For the Balloon Mosaic Templates of the Skulls, click here.

Sugar Skull Balloon Mosaic in front of a gold oversized frame made out of foamboard.




  1. Cut a 4’x6’ Rectangle out of Foamboard. If using 40”x60” Foamboard, cut a 3’x5’ rectangle.
  2. Measure an 8” border (6” border for smaller frame) from the border Towards the middle of the rectangle. Cut it out.
  3. Using the remaining Foamboard from the inside of the rectangle, and cut 2 6” wide rectangles.
  4. Cut one of the rectangles diagonally from end to opposite end to make two right triangles.
  5. Glue the other rectangle to the bottom of the frame. Attach the 2 triangles on top of the rectangle against the back of the frame. This will create the support system for the frame to stand.
  6. Spray paint the entire frame gold.
  7. Once dry, begin attaching the balloons. 
  8. Distorted Petal: Fold a 160 balloon in half and insert into uninflected 7” balloon. Using the hand pump, inflate the 7” balloon. Holding the tail pinched between fingers, insert mini hand pump into 160q balloon and inflate 12-14 pumps. Pinch both balloons tight to not release any air. Slowly release the air of the 7” balloon (outside balloon) to ensure desired size of petal. Once the size is right, tie the 160q balloon and pull the remaining of the balloon. Tie together and snip the remaining tails. Re-inflate the 7” balloon so you can push the 160 forward so the tail of the 7” is towards the back. Shape the petal and Cut off tail of 7” 
  9. Beads: Inflate a 260q gold chrome balloon using a hand pump to 2 full pumps. Pinch a bubble of about 1” and twist about 5 times to secure. Without letting go of the first bubble at all times, continue pinching a twisting bubbles. Make sure to always twist on the same direction. Once you’ve reached the end of the beads, tie off the end. Make sure to hold the 1st and last bead at all times so it doesn’t come undone. Holding the ends, using low temp hot glue or glue dash, adhere to the frame where desired. 
  10. Small Petal accents: inflate a 260q gold balloon to 2 pumps and tie. Pinch and twist a bubble of about 4”, fold in half and twist. Continue with 2 more petals, tie off and adhere to the frame. 
  11. Get creative with you decor using these 3 techniques!!  
Balloon Mosaic Skull in Black and gold in front of a gold DIY Oversized Frame
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Peta - November 3, 2021

This is so wonderful.
Thank you for teaching and sharing your creative ideas. Your inspiration and experience is quality and live. Thank you Lilly and Babe cxxxxxx
PETA from The Land Down Under 🇦🇺🌴🌟

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