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Balloon Pumpkin on a Stick

DIY Balloon Pumpkin on a Stick!

Balloon Pumpkin on a Stick

My kids’ school doesn’t allow candy for Halloween goodies, so I’m always in search of cool giveaways! Balloons are perfect for this!




  1. Inflate 11” Balloon with 14 pumps and tie.
  2. Secure balloon to Balloon Stick
  3. Cut our templates, trace onto cardstock, and cut out
  4. Using a low temp Hot Glue gun, adhere the stem and leaf to the top of the balloon.
  5. Take the pipe cleaner and cut it in half. 
  6. Roll each piece around a pencil 
  7. Hot glue it to the back of the stem on top of the tab.

Balloon Pumpkin on a Stick for classroom trick or treat surprises
Balloon Pumpkin on a Stick for Halloween school treats
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