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DIY Oversized Balloon Ornament made with an Orbz balloon

DIY Oversized Balloon Ornaments

Last year, these ornament balloons I did last minute to photograph the Nutcracker Balloon Mosaic were a HIT! Unknown to me, they had been done quite a bit on Pinterest and in a simpler way...Wish I would've checked there first lol.

Nutcracker Balloon Mosaic

Professional pictures by @weelovephotography.

This year, I've received lots of questions already on how to make them. I decided to add a different twist on them to make them look even MORE like ornaments! I promise it's SOOOO EASY!

DIY Balloon Ornament Orbz Drip




  1. Using the hand pump, blow up the Orbz balloon. Make sure all the creases are gone on the seams to ensure its round. 
  2. Cut the cardstock paper into 4- 3" strips. 
  3. Take one of the 3" strips and cut into 3 even strips. Each strip will be about 1" in width.
  4. Roll each of the 3" strips until the ends overlap about 1". Hot glue the overlapped ends to each other. 
  5. Depending on the length desired for the handle of the ornament top, cut and size the 1" strips. Glue it to the ends on the inside of the 3" rolled strips. 
  6. Using the hot glue, adhere the ornament top to the orb balloon over the tail end of the balloon.

    That's it! They look beautiful just like this. If you want to add decor to them to look even more like ornaments, I have some steps below to achieve that! 

    Snowflake Over sized Balloon Ornament

    Snowflake Ornament:

    • There are two ways to do this look on the ornament balloon. The first way, is using a Cricut. Cut out snowflakes in white vinyl, peel them, and adhere to the balloon ornament in whichever pattern you like! The other way, would be to purchase snowflake stickers or pre-made vinyls and place on the ornaments. Easy peasy!

    Snow Drip Orbz DIY Balloon Ornament

    Snow Drip Ornament:

    Additional Materials:


    1. Make sure you've adhered your ornament top to the balloon. (If this step is not done first, the glue will NOT adhere over the paint and glitter. 
    2. Take the paintbrush dipped in white paint and outline your drips on the balloon. Fill in the drips with white paint. Give it 2 coats to make sure its covered in white. 
    3. Once the white paint is dry, in sections, apply the mod podge with the paintbrush. As you apply the modge podge in sections, pour the glitter over the wet mod podge. Keep repeating this until all the drips are covered in glitter.  

    All Balloon Ornaments DIY

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    Mary Soto - November 3, 2021

    Thank you for this great idea and tips!!!! The pumpkin poppers i made were such a hit i want to me them popper ornaments!!! You are soo fabulous!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

    Flor - November 20, 2020

    Glad I found this! Thank you! They’re so beautiful!

    Yasmine Ramirez - December 11, 2019

    They are beautiful!!!!!

    emma kenyon - November 12, 2019

    great thanks lilly-would still love to see your original version from last year x

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