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Let's be Frank, Rainbows and Unicorns ROCK!

Let's be Frank, Rainbows and Unicorns ROCK!

Ok, so let's take it back to the 80's and 90's and every girl's favorite girl, Lisa Frank!


I mean who DIDN'T love Lisa Frank products?! From Trapper Keepers, pencils, erasers, to all the stickers and coloring books! It was the mecca of rainbows and animal print.

I've been wanting to do a painted table top for the LONGEST time! Linens, and white tabletops are awesome, but I really needed something that would pop. This table top was made with 1/4" Plywood cut to fit the table I have in the studio. Using 6 different craft acrylic paint tubes, I painted 5" in each color leaving about 2" in between color. Once I had that painted, I went back with a clean and damp 2" brush and created a line with each color next to each other and painted in the same strokes over and over to blend the adjacent colors. 

For the centerpiece, I painted a paper mache box in white and followed the steps from THIS post to make the mane. With black acrylic paint and a thin paint brush, I painted the eyelashes. Using Gold glitter card stock, draw a horn on it, cut it out and glue to the top of the box. The ears are made of card stock as well!!  The LISA letters are Paper Mache from hobby lobby, covered in glitter with Mod Podge. 

For the partyware, I found the PERFECT shade of hot pink at Walmart! It's so bright and beautiful. I went for solid paper ware to contrast the table tops pattern. 

Of course, Balloons were everywhere! Have I told you how much I love balloon garlands? They're so organic and create a soft shape to frame the window. This time around, I added colors into everyone's favorite Unicorn Balloon structure! Recreate the horn to match the rainbow and the mane. 

 This is seriously one of my favorites I've done!!!!! I hope you all love it!




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Oneyda - February 28, 2019

Omg! I love the Unicorn balloon structure, did you make this or is there a way I can purchase?

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