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We're out of the Studio. Orders shall ship out 6/21
We're out of the Studio. Orders shall ship out 6/21
Let's Flamingle into Summer- Part 2

Let's Flamingle into Summer- Part 2

Did you catch Part 1 of this awesome Flamingo Party?! If not, go here and check it out! If you did, keep on reading for more DIY's from the party. 

One of my favorite parts of this Flamingle is the Napkin and utensil sleeves...I LOVE THEM! Using cardstock and pink vinyl with my Cricut, I was able to create this modern and chic napkin sleeve. You'll need Black card stock, a craft knife, and a hot glue gun.

Napkin Sleeve:


1. Take THIS template and use as a guide to cut and score.

2. Fold it and glue it together

3. Using the cricut and THIS flamingo, cut at 2.5" tall in Pink Vinyl (adhere to the bottom right corner of the sleeve.)  

4. Take your light shade pink guest towel napkin and slip it in. 

5. Then, take the darker pink beverage size napkin and fold 2 of the corners into the middle of the napkin to create a point. Slip in over the previous napkin into the sleeve. 

Flamingo Straw:


I purchased these straws at the Dollar tree but didn't want the colors on the straws for the setup. Using my craft knife, I cut off the honeycomb flamingo and glued it to the striped straws...Made a huge difference! 



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