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✨ NEW PRODUCT: SVG Files for Jumbo Balloons! 🎈
It's a Tutti Frutti Summer!

It's a Tutti Frutti Summer!

Summer is almost over, but that's not going to stop me from throwing a bright and fun Tutti Frutti soiree!

I've seen lots of Charcuterie Boards lately being used as table runners for events and I LOVE IT! However, since kids are my jam, I needed to make it kid friendly, so I made one in my mom DIY version.

I purchased 2 cutting boards from IKEA and using non-toxic craft paint, painted fruits on them. By doing this, they were already pre-sealed and food safe. I wanted the fruits to be part of the beauty of the board so I painted my fruits along the bottom side of the board. Using grapes, watermelon chunks, sliced strawberries, crackers, ham, and cube cheese, made my own Fruiterie Board for kids. 

I displayed it as a runner on the table and then combined hot pink, orange and yellow table ware to keep the bright tones consistent. Using 5" yellow balloons, I blew them up to about 1.5-2" in diameter and tied them around the straw to make it look like two lemons. Out of green cardstock paper, I cut two leaves and folded them down the middle to make 2 leaves and tucked them into the balloons. 

For the backdrop, I painted round wooden circles I bought at the craft store. To give some dimension and movement, I used 2 different sizes. Then, using rolled up pieces of masking tape, adhered them to the wall. 


This simple summer setup is perfect for a pool party, play date, or any occassion!





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