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Memories of Rainbows and Unicorns

Memories of Rainbows and Unicorns

In honor of #tbt aka Throwback Thursday, let's take a trip down memory lane of the Unicorn party that you all loved so much with a MixBook Photobook!

After every event I host, my favorite part is going back to look at the pictures of the memories created. The first time I saw this Rainbow and Unicorns photo book from MixBook, I knew it was the PERFECT way to display all the pictures of the party. Not only is it beautiful and whimsical, but SO EASY to create!!

There are several options for sizing, finishes, and layouts for all of the books. I chose to go with the 10"x10" Hardcover photobook because the size is perfect for a shelf I keep all my albums in. Once you've picked the size and uploaded all your pictures for the project, it's time to DESIGN!!! The Auto-Fill option is perfect if you don't want to stress the layouts and would like a quick way to have all your memories in one place and checkout. However, I love to have design input into my photo book, so I chose to move some stuff around. 


Scroll and Click on the picture below to shop this beautiful book! 

She really does SPARKLE!!!

All of the options are on the left bar and easily categorized to look through. Removing the stickers I didn't want was easy and pictures and stickers were easy to drag and position where I wanted them. When I needed to change a background or layout, it was just a click to be replaced!

By the way, they have invitations, thank you cards, calendars, and prints. Shop them by clicking on the picture below.. I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Hope you enjoyed reliving this party as much as I did! 





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