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It's a PINK Christmas!

It's a PINK Christmas!

For years, I've wanted a PINK Christmas tree. It finally came true when I partnered with Treetopia! Not only did I get a pink Christmas tree, I got a pink garland and a pink wreath as well. I mean, it doesn't get better than that! Since I still can't use the pink tree in my living room, I decided to make my studio room where I style and photograph, festive and fun. I made a foam board fireplace and decided on a BALLOON theme for the tree.

The Creative Heart Studio - Treetopia Pink Christmas Tree with Balloon Dog Ornaments - Pink Treetopia Garland with Since I tend to be very specific on what I envision, I made my own Balloon dog ornaments out of felt. I stitched them with a blanket stitch and filled with Poly-fill before closing. This allowed me to really make them the color I specifically wanted. 

Of course I needed to incorporate balloons!! I started off by making a balloon garland made up of 5" balloons in the cascading color scheme. I made 2 separate garlands and inserted them into the tree. A couple popped but that didn't affect the shape of the garland. Then I added my balloon dog ornaments. I placed them next to the corresponding color on the garland for a cascading color pattern. 

For the garland and wreath, I blew up balloons and using the tail of the balloon once knotted, tied it onto the branches. It was SO EASY!! Keeping with the Balloon look, I used my ombre balloon orbz, added ornament toppers made of foam board and used them as over sized ornaments along with regular balloons spilling out of the fireplace. 

What I love about this look is that its a perfect way to decorate a tree for cheap, quick and its so colorful!!! For a party, a play room, or a main christmas tree, I just love this colorful scheme!!

I loved partnering with Treetopia on this project and can't wait to see what the other talented ladies came up with from the Design Council. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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Kathy Trent - April 8, 2020

Love all the trees,. Great job everybody.

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