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2 Tone Numbers

2 Tone Numbers

This twist is perfect to use with a balloon wall behind it or balloon garlands around it! It contrasts nicely with the balloons.

Additional Supplies (aside from Balloon Mosaic template list):

  • Additional Foamboard 
  • 2 tones of Satin latex paint 
  • 2 Paint rollers 
  • 2 paint trays
  • painters tape
  • small paint brush 


Using a Balloon Mosaic Number Template, build the structure. The only difference will be, it MUST be built backwards. Instead of building the side walls up from the number base, build them away from the number base.Once the Balloon Mosaic Number is built, place it on a foamboard where it fully fits. Lay it with the number base on the foamboard and trace around it. Using an Xacto, cut the number shape out of the Foamboard. Measure 1" marks around the entire border and connect them to create a 1" frame around the number. Cut out the middle with the Xacto knife. Spray paint the number using an oil based glossy paint and the new frame. Once dry, use a roller and latex paint in 2 colors. Paint the front of the number base in the lighter color with a paint roller.Paint the insides of the frame first and then hit glue onto the dry Number Base. 

Roll the darker color paint on the frame and the sides of the Number Base.

For weight, drop a brick paver or small sand bag to stabilize the Number and prevent it from toppling over.

Can't wait to see your creations! 


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