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Unicorns and Glitter!

Unicorns and Glitter!

If you mix my 2 favorite things and my long time obsession, what do you get? Today's DIY Project!! Yup, Foil balloon letters that have been glittered and one made to look like a UNICORN (Insert heart eyes emoji!)!!!!!

For as long as I can remember and throughout my event planning career, I have always LOVED balloons! They are the staple to any child's birthday party and what really gives the party that festive and fun look! This idea came about a few weeks ago out of nowhere and it was 100% inspired by a special baby who is a total unicorn <3 .


I originally used my favorite brand of 16" foil balloon letters but I popped one and couldn't get another locally. I like the other foil balloons better since they have the tabs along the top of the letters that allow you to string them like a banner. 

Any-who, for this project you'll need:


16" oil Balloons

White acrylic craft paint

Thick Paint brush (1" width)

Pink, Yellow, Mint, Aqua, Lavender crepe streamers

Gold glitter card stock

Hot Glue Gun

Black Paint

Thin brush

Unicorn Horn TEMPLATE

Modge Podge


20 5" white balloons

6 260Q vibrant color balloons for rainbow

Balloon Pump

Masking tape


For the glitter letters, I brushed Mod Podge on the front of the balloon in sections and sprinkled the glitter onto the brushed glue. Work your way around the balloon until complete. The Mod Podge acts as a sealant too so the glitters stays on the balloon and not alllll over your floor. However, be warned....if you bump the balloon, shake it, etc it will release some glitter. For extra sealing, brush Mod Podge over the glitter once its dry. 


The unicorn letter, I painted the front with white acrylic craft paint. Once it was dry,  with a thin brush and some black paint, paint the eyelashes. Using the gold glitter card stock and Unicorn Horn template, cut out the horn for the unicorn. 

To make the crepe rosettes (Make sure your glue gun is on!) for the top of the unicorn head, tear pieces of the pink crepe paper into about 5" and crumple up. Once you've crumple them, straighten them out flat again. This will make the crepe softer to work with. Using about 1" of the strip of crepe, crumple it up into a ball. Take these portion and hold it between your index finger and thumb. In a clockwise motion, begin rotating the ball and twisting the remaining strip of crepe. You'll be twisting and tightening as you rotate to make a tight rosette. Once you get to the end of the strip, take the edge and glue it to the bottom of your rosette to keep all in place. 


For the unicorn mane, follow THIS TUTORIAL from the chair backings and apply it to this. The only difference is for this one, I didn't staple the crepe paper. I used hot glue for this project instead and glued the individual colors directly to the balloon. 

The rainbow is probably the easiest part here!! Using pieces of rolled masking tape, I taped the lavender balloon into the shape I wanted and from there, followed the shape and placed next to each other every other color. For the clouds, I blew up all the balloons and then tied them into sets of 2. Then, taking the sets of two in each hand, i twisted them into each other to create 2 bunches of 10. Taped them onto the balloon rainbow and finito!!! 


I really love this project!! I think it would be a beautiful backdrop for any party, or even if you used the North Star Balloons that have the tabs on them, you can use it as a banner in a room!





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