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✨ NEW PRODUCT: SVG Files for Jumbo Balloons! 🎈
Unicorn Kisses and Rainbow Wishes

Unicorn Kisses and Rainbow Wishes

What is more magical than a Rainbow party? A UNICORN PARTY, that's what! I have been wanting to design a Unicorn party since I can remember. There are very few things more magical than Unicorns, so this one is special!
balloon mosaic unicorn
There are so many ways to do a unicorn party. You can do bright tone colors, traditional rainbow colors, specific color schemes, pretty much any colors! I chose to do Pastel colors for the simple reason that it just seems so much more delicate and magical! 
To start off, I sketched out and designed my own unicorn. There are tons of different versions out there but I knew I wanted my unicorn to have soft locks in her mane and beautiful eyelashes. After completing her, I had to incorporate her into the actual party (She could be used on an invitation for sure!) but needed to figure out where exactly. I knew I wanted lots of balloons, so naturally this unicorn HAD to become a balloon somehow!! I'm not a balloon artist at all, but have seen over the years, lots of walls and 3D shapes made out of balloons. So after tons of planning and research, this seemed to be the easiest way for me to make her. It was a tedious and BIG diy but worth it. Click here for Unicorn Balloon Mosaic Digital Design Template. 
Continuing with my balloon craze, I kept thinking of other ways to incorporate them. Garlands are really in right now, so I decided to make a rainbow garland. I've always been obsessed with those beautiful floral table runners that swag all the way to the floor, so made sure mine swagged into a a balloon cloud.
What you'll need:
5" balloons in pastel colors (about 40-50)
5" balloons in white ( about 20-30)
balloon pump
fishing line
glue gun
The steps are pretty basic:
1. Blow up all the balloons in random sizes and tie them in twos (pastels together and whites together but not mixed). Then, take 2 sets at a time and tie twist them together to create a little cluster of 4 balloons.
2. Cut a fishing line piece of about 6-7 ft in length. Start twisting the clusters of four onto the fishing line. Make sure you twist two of the balloons over the fishing line so they are secure on there. Continue this until you get to the end of where you want the garland to end. 
3. Once you've gotten to the end of the garland, cluster all your white balloons into each other to create the clouds. I created two clusters of about 12-14 balloons in each cluster to make the clouds. Don't be afraid to keep twisting in sets of white balloons. Just twist them in randomly. tie those onto the fishing line and you're done!
Step 3 is what I used for the hanging clouds and then secured them into the ceiling with clear push pins....easy peasy!
I added yellow felt flowers I had for a pop of color.
For the party ware, I went with Gold star plates, pastel cups, ombre mint napkins, and then glittered some wooden utensils. You also go more pastel and use more colorful pastel plates (There's a picture for reference) For the utensils, just tape up the whole utensil minus the handle. Then brush on Mod Podge, sprinkle glitter, and let dry. Once it's dry, brush Mod Podge on it again to seal it and prevent the glitter from constantly sprinkling off. 
 The pennant banner can be made using the cricut, or using THIS template. Then punch holes on the corners and string the ribbon through it. 
Now, those Unicorn manes on those chairs are everything!!!! Got those adorable kiddie chairs from Red Balloon Party Rental and then made these manes for the final touch. That DIY will be in a Part 2 of this magical party later this week!!
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