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DIY Pumpkin Pie Balloon Slice

DIY Pumpkin Pie Balloon Slice

I'm always looking for fun ways to decorate for every holiday. Since I made a felt "Pumpkin Pie Surprise!" last year, I wanted to try a balloon version of that. This would be the perfect addition to any dessert table, kids table, or photo area for Thanksgiving! I even used it to surprise the kids with their holiday reading area! More about that after the tutorial. 

This tutorial and template can also be transformed to make different kinds of pies, a birthday cake slice, or even cheese! I can't wait to try some of those versions too!DIY Pumpkin Pie Balloon Slice



Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Print and put together the Sweet Slice templates.
  2. Glue the 2 side pieces to the bottom piece. Once those are dry, glue the top piece over the side pieces. DIY Sweet Slice Pumpkin Pie Balloon Slice Tutorial
  3. Take the scored back piece and glue it to the rims of the four pieces.DIY Sweet Slice Pumpkin Pie Balloon Slice Tutorial
  4. OPTIONAL: At this point, you could spray paint the entire slice in a light beige color matching the blush balloons. In hindsight, I wouldn't have spray painted it.
  5. Blow up one blush balloon, leaving about 2 inches of balloon un-inflated. Measure the balloon from one side to the other side of the slice making sure it covered the peaked portion. Tie off where it ends and cut off the excess. using glue dots, adhere the blush balloon to the pie slice. This will create the first row of balloons (The "crust"). 
  6. Repeat step 5 with the coral balloons until you've reached the top of the pie slice. This will be about 6 rows. There will be a gap where the balloons are not flush, but this will be covered later.Pumpkin pie Balloon Slice - DIY Tutorial
  7. Using the same "measure and tie" procedure cover the top portion of the pie slice. The balloons will get smaller as you get closer to the peak. 2-3 balloons can be made from one as you move along. Make sure not to over inflate the balloon to make sure more than one balloon can be made out of a full single balloon. 
  8. Once the top portion of the slice is covered in balloons, take another coral balloon and cover the gap between the side balloons and top balloons. 
  9. For the backside of the pie slice, repeat the "measure and tie" process 7 times, creating 7 rows. 
  10. For the crust border, use the "frosting/ruffle" technique from this video. You'll need to make about 4-5 repetitions of this.   Note: The balloon portion of this project would be best assembled day of. 

Pumpkin pie Balloon Slice - DIY TutorialThis pumpkin pie slice was perfect to add some decor to surprise the kids with their new switch out of holiday books! 

thanksgiving Holiday book cornerHere is a list of the books they have in their holiday reading area.

Have you read any of these books with your kids? Do you recommend any holiday books that are not listed above? Leave a comment below.

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