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Let's Flamingle into Summer- Part 1

Let's Flamingle into Summer- Part 1

*This post contains some affiliate links from which I receive a small commission. Gotta keep the lights running in this place! 


Summer is here!!!


My kids are at camp most days, we've been to Disney once already, celebrated their birthdays, and have an upcoming Beach getaway with our family... It's looking good for us! 


Flamingos were huge last year and they seem to be sticking around this year as well. This clean, preppy tropical soiree is perfect for you little's party, a bridal shower or an all girls celebration with tropical cocktails!

If you don't have a Cricut yet, what are you waiting for?!! The possibilities for all your party needs, home projects, and school projects are endless! In this party, I used it to make the following:


*Gold "Let's Flamingle" vinyl

*Pink Flamingo wall vinyl

*Pink Flamingo vinyls on napkin sleeves

*Cardstock Monstera leaves on the backdrop and Centerpieces

*Paper flower table runner

Let's get to it!




Flowers were made by my talented friend Veronica at Lov Create Design. She paired three tones of pink perfectly and they were perfect for the backdrop. The black stripes were 4"x6' strips of black vinyl I cut. I've found this is the most economical way to do a backdrop. If you have a blank wall in your house, this is the perfect way to do a backdrop without having to go out and build one. The vinyl came right off my wall (ALWAYS TEST ON YOUR WALL FIRST) and didn't damage it in any way. The Monstera leaves were made out of card stock on my Cricut machine (about 10" in height). It's a two layer project, so I used two different shades of green card stock for the depth. Spray glued them and adhered them to each other.

The "Let's Flamingle" gold vinyl over the black stripes was also on my Cricut machineand it read one of my own fonts called Xiomara. However, they have tons of similar fonts you can purchase. I used my 12x24" mat and went 22.5" wide on the wording so I could maximize the size. The pink flamingo is an image I purchased on the Design Space and cut it 18" in height. 



Centerpieces were easy peasy I tell ya! I cut out 6 Monstera leaves at 10" each, spray glued them and adhered them to each other, and then glued a green wooden floral stick to them. Using glass vases from the Dollar Tree, I arranged the leaves in them and they really did look clean and modern. 

For the table runner, I cut out the top layer of this flower, and arranged them along the table. In hindsight, I think it would have been a better idea to have used gluedots to hold them down.



Can you believe those kid sized floppy hats were $1??!!! Yes! $1 from the Dollar Tree as well?! I painted these with black acrylic paint freehand. However, if you don't feel comfortable doing it free hand, pick a font you like, size it to the hat rim, print, and use as a template to trace onto the hat. 


Phew! That was a long post! Check back Thursday for Part 2: Napkin and straw DIY. 





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