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DIY Felt Thanksgiving Dinner play felt food for kids table

DIY Felt Thanksgiving Dinner

DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie Surprise - DIY Tutorial for Thanksgiving Kids Table Decor

One of my FAVORITE holidays is Thanksgiving! Mostly, because I barely cook so I get to just enjoy my mother in law’s delicious cooking! However, I can whip up a felt thanksgiving dinner like no one’s business!! And so can you!

Here’s the thing with the felt Thanksgiving dinner, it’s multipurpose! For starters, it’s a perfect decor piece for the kids table. It also serves as play time before or after dinner, and then can be taken home as “leftovers”! My favorite part is definitely the “leftovers” in the pumpkin pie containers… I mean, come on, it doesn’t get cuter than that! 

Now this project was NOT the fastest to make, but definitely worth it! I’m sure it would have been faster on a sewing machine, but I stitched it by hand.

So, let’s get to the good stuff…

DIY Felt Thanksgiving Dinner - play felt food

DIY Felt Thanksgiving Dinner - play felt food Note: The felt I like to use is from Benzie Design

PUMPKIN PIE (to make 4 - 8” wide pies)

Materials and Supplies: 

DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie Surprise - step by stepStep by Step: 

  1. Print and cut your template shapes out. Cut a few strips for the pie crust.

  2. Take your pumpkin shade felt and using the lid of the take out container, trace and cut.

  3. Glue the circle piece of felt to the lid.

  4. Take your meringue piece and using a single strand of white embroidery floss, start threading towards the tops of the meringue petals.

  5. Once you’ve stringed all the way around, take a little bit of poly-fill and insert it into the meringue. Pull the floss to tighten and close the top of the meringue. Knot the floss and cut the excess.

  6. Glue to the middle of the pumpkin lid.

  7. Take the tan strips of felt and loop the top about ½”. Glue it with hot glue so it’s secured.

  8. Place the lid inside the container and close. This will allow for you to glue the crust in the right place without interfering with the opening and closing of the lid to the container.

  9. Where you glued the loop, place another dot of glue and glue to the edge of the pumpkin pie lid. Leave enough unglued space to tuck the edge once you get around the pie.

  10. Now you’ll continue the loop by gluing each loop onto itself, creating the pie crust. You may need several pieces of strips depending on how long your felt sheet was.

Felt Food Thanksgiving Dinner Rolls and Vegetables

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Felt Play Food


Materials and Supplies:

  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery floss:
    • Ivory
    • Tan
    • Brown
    • Orange
  • Felt:
    • Ivory 1-12x18” sheet
    • Tan ½ yard
    • Brown 1-12x18” sheet
    • Orange 1-9x12” sheet
    • Blush 1-12x18” sheet
    • Mauve/Rose 1-9x12” sheet
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Poly-fill
  • Skewer or chopstick for filling poly-fill
  • Foamboard or cardboard (for ham thickness)
  • Template (Felt Turkey Dinner Design Template)

DIY Turkey Thanksgiving Felt FoodStep by Step:

    1. Print and cut your template shapes out

    2. Trace them onto the corresponding color of felt. 

    3. Cut felt according to pattern.

    4. Beginning with the Turkey, blanket stitch the 2 larger pieces around the outside, leaving the bottom open at about 6” in width. This is where the 3rd piece (the bottom) will be stitched.

    5. Once you have stitched the body of the turkey and left the opening, fill it with poly-fill.

    6. Close up the turkey by adding the bottom piece and blanket stitching all around.

    7. Blanket stitch the top pieces and bottom pieces of the thighs and wings using a tan single strand embroidery floss. Make sure to leave an opening to fill with poly-fill before closing. Continue this process with all the food pieces, except the bread rolls and green beans. Match the embroidery floss to the food you’re stitching.

    8. For the bread rolls, hot glue the ivory felt rectangle to the top piece with the 2 openings. Then continue to blanket stitch the top piece and bottom piece with a matching single strand of embroidery floss. Make sure to leave an opening to fill with poly-fill before closing.

    9. Next for the green beans, take each felt rectangle, roll it and close it using hot glue.

    10. Once your mashed potatoes are stuffed and stitched, hot glue the gravy to the tops.

    11. Cut some left over pieces of ivory felt into tiny little squares to make garlic for the green beans.

    12. Attach Velcro to the body of the turkey where the thighs and wings will be positioned. This will allow for easier play and removal from the turkey.

    13. For your ham slices, use the template to  cut the foamboard/cardboard slice of ham. Glue top and bottom pieces to foamboard/cardboard. Measure that thickness to determine the width of the strips for the edge.

    14. Cut your strips and glue around the ham slice.

    15. Glue your “ham fat circles” to the ham slices

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Marlene - November 6, 2019

Hi!!! How ADORABLE!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Where can one buy felt with those measurements?
Thank you!!

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