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We're out of the Studio. Orders shall ship out 6/21
We're out of the Studio. Orders shall ship out 6/21
DIY Fidget Spinners!

DIY Fidget Spinners!

Ok, so for a while I had NO CLUE what these Fidget Spinner things were. I was like "Whattttt??!" Then my husband got the kids a couple and well, I was amazed for like 5 minutes straight..I was done after that. However, since it's such a craze and I love to spin everything into something that can work at a party, how cool would this be as a craft station at a party?!! 

What you need:


-Chipboard (You can use posterboard or cereal boxes)

-a small piece of Foamcoreboard


-3 pennies

-Craft knife or Scissors

- Hot Glue Gun

-THIS Template and Emoji punch (Recommended print in cardstock)

-1" Craft circle puncher


-Cutting Mat

-Glitter Paper


Steps to create..... 


1. Using the template you downloaded, cut it out and trace it on to the Chipboard. Once traced, cut this out of the chip board. I  spray painted mine to make it more fun.

2. Using a quarter as your template, trace 2 circles onto the foamcore board and cut them out with a craft knife. Poke a hole in the middle of them with the toothpick (Make sure not to go all the way through the board)

3. using your paper template, fold in threes to get the center of it and use as a guide to mark the center of the spinner. Using the craft knife, make an X in the middle of the Spinner. Then using the toothpick, make the hole larger so the toothpick slides easily through it. This is an important step as this will ensure the spinner rotates easily. 

4. After this step, cut the toothpick down to a little less then 1/2".

5. Place a small dab of hot glue on the edge of the toothpick to secure it into the hole you already  made on the foamcore discs. 

6. Slice the spinner through and then repeat step 5 to the second foamcore disc. DO NOT let the second disc touch the spinner. That way there is space for spinner. If there is too much friction, it wont spin. 

7. Using your 1" circle puncher, punch out the emojis on the template and set aside. Do the same for the glitter paper (punch out 2)

8. glue your pennies to the 3 ends of the spinner and then glue the emojis and glitter circles to their corresponding spaces.. 


Spin away! 


I think this would be a GREAT DIY craft for an older kids party. Allows the kids to get creative. 


Of course, this is a DIY project so its quality is definitely NOT like the store bought ones and after a few uses, I'm sure will wear out. If your pieces fall off just glue them back on. PLEASE be careful and watch your children while doing this craft. Pennies can be a choking hazard and well, cutting and hot glue...


Please tag me @thecreativeheartstudio if you make these so I can show them off! 





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