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✨ NEW PRODUCT: SVG Files for Jumbo Balloons! 🎈
DIY Balloon Lucky Pot of Gold

DIY Balloon Lucky Pot of Gold

Do you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in a big way? We really don't much, but we do have "lucky" cereal that morning and this year I got the kids some St. Patrick's Day books for their seasonal book corner. They really love the change out of books and the balloons I make to go along with it. This time, I made a lucky pot of gold and a rainbow!!! It was really the cutest!



  • Balloon Inflator (optional, for 3 foot balloon)
  • Hand Pump
  • Scissors
  • Glue Dots



  1. Inflate your 3ft balloon about 3/4 of the way full.
  2. Place the balloon on a chair (tail up) and press the chair up against a table so the Balloon is snug and doesn't move.
  3. Inflate 1 long lime green balloon (7-8 pumps, depending on how big the 3ft balloon is inflated). this will create the top rim of the pot of gold. 
  4. Tie the balloon and using glue dots, adhere it to the 3ft balloon.
  5. Inflate another lime green long balloon to about 5 pumps. Tie it and form into a circle shape. Place it on a flat surface. 
  6. Take the 3ft balloon and and using the top rim as a guide, center and place over the long balloon on the flat surface. Adjust until it is centered and even. 
  7. Gently slide a glue dot onto one area of the long balloon to adhere the 3ft balloon. Once attached, finish adhering glue dots to secure the remaining portion of the 3ft balloon. 
  8. Using the video below as a guide, inflate the gold chrome balloons to 3 pumps. Once you have created all the strings of balloon bubbles, adhere them using glue dots to the wider area of the pot of gold. Another way to accomplish the gold "coins" is inflating individual 7" gold chrome balloons to a very small size.  
  9. To create the rainbow, inflate the top color to 8 pumps. Using glue dots, attach the balloon to a surface. 
  10. Inflate the next color to the same amount of pumps. Reduce the size by measuring it up to the first color and letting some of the air out until it fits inside the space left under the 1st color. repeat this until all colors are complete. 
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