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Cinco de Mayo FIESTA!

Cinco de Mayo FIESTA!

Who doesn't love a good fiesta??! Tacos and Margaritas are always a good idea...Mmmmmm. Here's a QUICK and EASY setup that can be used for a playdate, afternoon snack or night in with the kids!

As a mom, and someone who doesn't really care much to cook, I love finding ways to display store bought food. This ensures I will have something pretty and tasty to serve guests. For this kid frendly snack set up, I went with Chips and dip displayed in mini margarita cups. For drinks, i did Limeade and garnished the cups with slices of lime. 

I purchased mini plastic margarita glasses at a party store. Since they come in 2 separate pieces, I spray painted the stem piece in hot pink to add color to the table. Once it was dry, I assembled them and layered store bought guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and sprinkled shredded cheese across the top. I added the scoop chips in a separate platter since its easier for the kids and smaller. The two displays were simple to make. 2 terracotta pot saucers, and 2 terracotta pots. I flipped the pots upside down and placed the saucers on top. For the chips platter, I placed a piece of wax paper cut into a circle the size of the saucer to ensure food safety. 

The fringe backdrop was literally the EASIEST and cheapest backdrop I've ever done! I LOVE the way it turned out and wish I could always leave it up! It's perfect for a backdrop to a table or as a photo area.

What you need:


5 packs (8 sheet pack) of tissue paper

Scissors or Exacto Knife

Tape (Make sure you test it on the wall first)

16" Gold foil letter balloons (FIESTA)

Green Paint


Black Sharpie marker


Take the whole pack of tissue paper, fold it the on the shorter end (Hamburger style lol) so it's longer and wide. Using either a scissor or exacto with a straight edge ruler as a guide, fringe the tissue paper. Repeat this process for all 5 colors. Once you have your tissue paper fringed, separate all the individual tissue sheets. Keeping each one folded, start taping along your wall. I used a level to ensure all my sheets were leveled and straight. Overlap the next color onto the first row of fringe, leaving the second color about 1-1.5" over the first color. Repeat this process until you get to the height desired. 

Can you believe those letters are painted gold foil balloons?!! I blew up the balloons, Painted the front half of them in green paint and let them dry (about 2-3 coats). Once they were dry, using a sharpie I made random V's all over them to make them look like Cactus. Once finished, I strung them on a fishing line and hung up like a banner against the fringe issue backdrop. 


This backdrop is cute for any occasion...Wouldn't it be fun for a 1920's party in gold, black and silver?!

For the whole setup, I took a pink shag rug I had from my daughter's nursery decor and placed a table I had purchased for like $15 on it. It was originally wood stained, and I spray painted it in yellow with the legs in gold. Took some festooning that I had that matched perfectly and a pinata I had made a while ago. It was perfect! But my favorite part was that balloon cactus! I mean, seriously how cute is that?!


Take some 11" and 5" lime green balloons, blow them up with regular air (a balloon pump or your lungs will work), hot glue them with a low temp, draw some V's on them with black sharpie and Voila!!! I stuck the first balloon inside a planter to anchor it and the rest was a piece of cake!


Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Enjoy a margarita and relax!!




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