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✨ NEW PRODUCT: SVG Files for Jumbo Balloons! 🎈
✨ NEW PRODUCT: SVG Files for Jumbo Balloons! 🎈

Rainbow and Unicorn Bundle BALLOON MOSAIC™ digital design template


Included in this bundle are Rainbow and Unicorn BALLOON MOSAIC™ digital design templates.

This product is a DIGITAL FILE of a BALLOON MOSAIC™ design template. This is NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT.

The file contains:

1. Printable PDF Instructions to construct the BALLOON MOSAIC™ design. 

2. Template sized and ready to print. Sized to approx. 30"x60" (Rainbow) and 40"x44" (Unicorn). This template will need to be printed by a large scale printer. Usually at an office supply store or professional printer. File is in PDF format.

3. Letter sized (8.5"x11") Puzzled PDF file you can print from a regular printer and then piece together to create the sized template. This is perfect if you can't access an oversized printer. It also saves money!

4. SVG files for Unicorn's eyelash and heart.

Please note: This file is to be used as a template to trace onto your foamboard. You will need foamboard, glue gun, gluedots, balloons, and other materials to build the BALLOON MOSAIC™.

Downloadable link will be sent directly to your email, immediately following your purchase. Please make sure you download onto a computer. Link expires 30 days after purchase.


Approximate quantities of balloons needed:
60 - 5” balloons (white)
18 - 5” balloons (red)
16 - 5” balloons (orange)
14 - 5” balloons (yellow)
12 - 5” balloons (green)
8 - 5” balloons (blue)
5 - 5” balloons (purple)

75 - 5” balloons (white)
12 - 5” balloons (light blue)
20 - 5” balloons (light pink)
25 - 5” balloons (yellow)
25 - 5” balloons (lavender)