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Balloon Mosaic® Walls Course


Balloon Mosaics have combined the use of a non balloon material and balloons and made it into a huge trend worldwide. From kids, to adults, even corporate companies have used Balloon Mosaics! It’s an approachable way to make a BIG statement! Learn to take the trend a step forward and make Balloon Mosaic Walls!!

This course includes a 3 hour video from a live Zoom Class from Aug. 29, 2020. In this course, you’ll learn all the details of how to cut, build, paint, and fill Balloon Mosaic Walls. You’ll acquire all the knowledge needed to have a precise finished product and more, such as different techniques and tips developed by Lilly Jimenez, the creator of Balloon Mosaics!! Time saving process and designs will be featured in this class!! Learn how to build different kinds of Balloon Mosaic Walls and how to support them. Class will be in English and Spanish!!

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