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✨ NEW PRODUCT: SVG Files for Jumbo Balloons! 🎈
✨ NEW PRODUCT: SVG Files for Jumbo Balloons! 🎈

Chunky Pencil BALLOON MOSAIC digital design template


This product is a DIGITAL FILE of a BALLOON MOSAIC® design template. This is NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. 

The file contains:

1. Printable Instructions to construct the BALLOON MOSAIC® design.

2. Templates sized and ready to print. Comes in 3 sizes (Small = 36"x10", Medium = 48"x13" & Large = 60"x16"). These templates will need to be printed by a large scale printer. Usually at an office supply store or professional printer.

3. 8.5x11" Puzzled File you can print from a regular printer and then piece together to create the sized template. This is perfect if you can't access an over sized printer. It also saves Money!

Please note: This file is to be used as a template to trace onto your foamboard. You will need foamboard, glue gun, gluedots, balloons, and other materials to build the BALLOON MOSAIC®.

Downloadable link will be sent directly to your email, immediately following your purchase. Please make sure you download onto a computer. Link expires 30 days after purchase. 


Approximate Quantities of Balloons:
3' Chunky Pencil:
1- 5” Black Balloon
10- 5” Blush Balloons
24- 5” Rose Balloons
2- 160q Gray Balloons
3- 5” Pink Balloons

4' Chunky Pencil:
3- 5” Black Balloons
22- 5” Blush Balloons
65- 5” Pink Balloons
2- 160q Gray Balloons
18- 5” Rose Balloons

5’ Chunky Pencil:
8- 5” Black Balloons
4- 11” Black Balloons
12- 5” Blush Balloons
5- 11 Blush Balloons
25- 11” Yellow Balloons
10- 5” Yellow Balloons
2- 260q Gray Balloons
5- 11” Pink Balloons

*I always recommend buying a few extra balloons just in case.