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We're out of the Studio. Orders shall ship out 6/21
We're out of the Studio. Orders shall ship out 6/21
NBC Making It Premiere Watch Party

NBC Making It Premiere Watch Party

I was an event planner for almost a decade! You can imagine allllll the ideas I had for my watch party of NBC's Making It premiere! It was such a big deal for me to make sure I captured all the ideas I had, while still being able to ENJOY the party. I was so lucky to have SO MANY friends help me out.

At first, I wanted to just have a couple close friends and family at home, but that quickly changed. My initial instinct was to do something small because I didn't want all this attention on me, on top of watching myself on NATIONAL TELEVISION for the FIRST TIME! However, the more I thought about it, the longer the guest list grew. I've had a long journey and there were so many people that have been part of it and I wanted to share it with them. 

I'm soooo thankful my friend, Gigi from Wee Love Photography was able to capture all these photos of this special time in my life. 


The idea/theme for the party had to be something that meant something to me. My creative career has taken many paths and I've tried different things, and I wanted this party to reflect that. All the skills I've jumped into and tried out I used on the show and it was a full circle moment for me. 

IT WAS ALL A DREAM was a perfect jumping point. Not only is it part of my favorite song of all time, but every single endeavor I've jumped into has started with exactly that...a DREAM. Rainbows, balloons, and a colorful color scheme were a definite. Once I decided on a color scheme and theme, it pretty much unfolded quickly after that. Did I mention it was a PJ party?! I HAD to be comfy and wanted everyone to be comfy too!


I wanted everyone to walk away with a little piece of my party. Thinking about what would be the perfect take away, I came up with a swag timeline!! I created a swag area where guests got to pick a favor to take home that represented part of my creative journey. Thanks to some amazing friends, this timeline happened! The timeline went as such:

  • Candy Grazing table with cupcakes - Chic Desserts (When I used to make cakes and cupcakes) and I Heart Sugar Sugar (Candy table and Event planning company) CUPCAKES were from Bunnie Cakes
  • Mini Unicorn Pinatas with Bracelets inside: Surprise Pinata ( Personal size pinatas gift delivery service) MINI PINATAS by Lula Flora Designs  BRACELETS by Broken Mariposas Fly
  • Mini Converse keychains (Back when I first started the Creative Heart Studio and painted shoes!) 


This was EASY! Definitely rainbows, balloon dogs, Balloon Mosaics, and confetti were part of it!!! There isn't much more to say about that then it was a DREAM. Not only was there 1 photo area, there were 2!!!! My friend Guillermo from Dipp Photobooth brought his super fun photobooth that we could print immediately...and he's a blast!


The viewing area was simple and so dreamy! I wanted all white and lots of white cloud balloons! My friend Maggie from Maggie Creative Design made this happen with her team and WOW!! And can we talk about the cotton candy balloons with the garland she made??!!! It was the perfect setting for the cotton candy and popcorn guests got to enjoy from Circus Eats. Not only did guests get to munch on those yummy sweets, but Circus Eats also brought their food truck with mini sliders and mini pizzas!!!! I think everyone went home with a happy belly! 

Now, the main show was the giant screen Maxon Events provided! It was so awesome because we got to watch the show from any area in the space and it was a perfect view. My kids really got a kick out of watching mom on tv!

Right before the show started, I thanked all the people that helped me throughout my journey on Making It and the party (of course, I cried lol). I'm so thankful I'm blessed with these people that supported me and have been there for me! My husband and kids were there supporting me the whole way and I'm so happy we all share this moment together.

The journey was amazing and all of you have been incredible! If you haven't watched Season 2 of Making It, you can stream it on HULU or the NBC app!

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Miesha Jones - February 5, 2020

Of course you had a fab viewing party!!! You were simply the BEST on Making it!! Congrats and Cheers to many more amazing moments!

Miesha Jones - February 5, 2020

Of course you had a fab viewing party!!! You were simply the BEST on Making it!! Congrats and Cheers to many more amazing moments!

Tessa Francis - January 17, 2020

That’s so sweet of you to think of sharing your stories, gifts and talents with me, even though it’s in virtual land😊. May God’s blessings continue to be showered upon you and your family.

Shana Deon - January 13, 2020

You were my favorite. I think you should have taken it as first place. Everything you did was top notch. LOVE your style and what you do with balloons.

Sean O'kelly - January 13, 2020

Congrats – you are truly one of the inspired creatives who is breathing new life into an industry that needs to evolve regularly in order to survive and remain ‘on trend’

Mireille Page - January 13, 2020

Congratulations!! Your creativity is simply beautiful!!
Looking forward to meeting you at FLOAT!

Heln Grzybk - January 13, 2020

Congratulations! It was fun watching you on Making It! Such an inspiration!
You sure know how to throw a party! Love everything!
Can’t wait to meet you at FLOAT. Looking forward to the class!

Tamatha Maroney - January 13, 2020

Congratulations this article is so sweet and inspiring. Cheers to 2020!!🎊🎆

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