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DIY Popcorn costume for kids

DIY Balloon Popcorn Kid’s Costume

You know how sometimes you make things and then FORGET them?! I made this popcorn costume last year for my son because his obsession with it is REAL! Well, I totally forgot about it because I had it in storage!! Found it this year and had my daughter put it on for fun and to show you a QUICK last minute costume! 

DIY Balloon Popcorn Kid’s Costume


- Hot Gluegun (low temp)

- Packing Tape


- Hand Balloon Pump


- (40) 5” White Balloons

- (10) 5” Ivory Balloons

- (15) 5” Yellow Balloons

- 1 Cardboard box (sized to child)

- Red and White Craft Paint

- Ribbon

- Headband

- White Leotard 


DIY Balloon Popcorn Kid’s Costume


1. Take a cardboard box and tape the flaps to the inside of the box.

2. Using a paint brush, paint on the red and white stripes to the box. 

3. Once The cardboard box is dry, attach 2 pieces of ribbon to hang the the box on child’s shoulder. Make sure the ribbon is measured to a comfortable length. (TIP: using felt strips might be more comfortable. I used ribbon in this instance, but would use felt strips next time) 

4. Decorate the front of the cardboard box with paper, felt or sticker letters spelling out POPCORN.

5. Inflate all the 5” balloons at different sizes using the hand pump. 

6. Tie the balloons into sets of 2. Then take sets of 2 and twist them onto each other to make sets of 4.

7. Begin inserting the sets of 4 balloons along the border of the cardboard box. Using the low temperature glue gun, secure the balloons to the box. (You can also glue each balloon individually to the box). Make sure to leave a little space between the balloons on the sides of the box where arms will be. This will allow for wiggle room.  

This costume is so fun and would be perfect for multiple kids! Each kid can dress up as a different movie snack.

DIY Balloon Popcorn Kid’s Costume
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