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DIY Balloon Cauldron

DIY Balloon Candy Cauldron

Remember that Witchy witch Balloon cauldron and broom tutorial?! Well, I’ve got another DIY for you today that is very similar but a totally different look!! A Halloween Candy Cauldron!!! 

For me, Halloween decor is always about the fun candies. This DIY is perfect to represent all that good stuff!

Candy Cauldron Balloons


Balloon Hand Pump

Electric Balloon Pump (optional)


ZOTS, Low Temp Glue gun, or Glue Dashes


Remember to always purchase extra balloons for popping accidents!

1- Jack-O-Lantern 3ft balloon

3- 260q Orange Balloons

1- 260q Black Balloon

3 Candy Corns: 1 Orange, 1 Yellow, and 1 White 160q Balloons (Makes 3 Candy Corns) 

Lollipop #1: 1 Pink, 1 Rose, 1 White 160q Balloons 

Lollipop #2: 1 Wild Berry, 1 Yellow, and 1 White 160q Balloons 

Eyeball Balloons


candy cauldron balloons


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Liz - September 7, 2021

This was the best balloon video I have ever watched. You are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am off to watch your other videos!

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